Most men think they lack a sizable penis, and that making it bigger with the top rated and safest enlargement pill called virility ex is the only option to regain their manhood. However, this is just simply not true in many circumstances. There is no actual guaranteed safe way to increase the size of your penis. But, there are a few things you can do to help your self-confidence. Let’s take a look.

Simply talking with your partner can break the ice. Although many couples don’t really talk about their sex life, it may be the perfect place to start. Just saying a few things to get the conversation rolling may be the best change you have ever made in your life. Talk to them about what they like in bed and discuss both of your sexual preferences. Your partner just may surprise you with what they say.

Dieting and exercise is one of the best cures for low self-confidence. Just by being active you will gain more energy to throw into your bedroom experiences. Also, a great benefit is that you will lose excess belly fat that may be hiding some of your shafts. This will make you appear bigger and make you feel even better. You should be practicing the proper male enhancement exercises to keep your size growing.

Shaving or grooming your pubic hair can make a world of difference. Especially doing this around the base will help to reveal more of the shaft. This will, in turn, make you seem bigger than you once were. Simple trimming every so often will keep your pubic hair in check and can increase your sensitivity around the base of the penis.

Lastly, you could talk to a counselor or doctor. If you aren’t happy with your size or your sex life talking to another person that won’t judge you is beneficial. Seek a certified psychiatrist, family doctor, psychologist, or counselor to discuss your troubles. Simply be reassured by your doctor that you are of average build is a feeling that will help break through your happiness. You can buy virility ex online if you wish to give it a go.